Check if your Aadhar number valid- 81 lakh aadhar deactivated

Check if aadhar number Is valid

Government of India and UIDAI has deactivated about 81 lakhs fake aadhar numbers from its aadhar database. You have to recheck if your aadhar number also got deactivated by UIDAI or not. Ministry of IT , Government of India announced that they have deactivated 81 lakhs aadhar numbers stating reason that these numbers were issued by fake documents provided at the time of enrolment, or were being used in unfair means. How to check if your aadhar number still valid or not? Keep reading this post below-

How to check if your aadhar number is still valid or not?

First of a, visit UIDAI official website from here

A window will open that will ask your 12- digit aadhar card number in the box. (See screenshot below)

Check if aadhar number Is valid

Enter your aadhar number or any other’s aadhar number you wanna verify if its valid or not now. In addition , also enter the CAPTCHA challenge.

Click on ” Verify” This will open a message (see screenshot below) In which the age range (like- 20-30p), State of the aadhar owner, Gender, and mobile number linked to aadhar Etc will be displayed. Also, it will say ” aadhar no. xxxxxx5252 exists!”

Check if aadhar number Is valid

that’s all! If such message you are able to see, then set back and relax, your aadhar number is still valid and not been deleted by UIDAI or government.


What if my aadhar data fails to display?

As per the provisions of Sections 27 and 28, a person’s Aadhaar can be cancelled or deactivated if multiple aadhaars have been issued, or there are discrepancies in the biometric data or supporting documents given at the time of enrolment.

If you are not able to see your aadhar details such as age range, gender and state, then your aadhar has been deactivated. They will enquire the whole case and after that only they will re-activate your aadhar number.


How to stop unauthorized access of your aadhar?
If you suspect your aadhar number is being used for fraudulent purposes or without your consent, you can lock/unlock your biometric data from UIDAI website online. In that case, your aadhar cannot be used to avail any services that asks for fingerprint verification. To lock or unlock your biometric data , your aadhar must be linked to a mobile number , as OTP verification is required to authenticate you.

Visit UIDAI portal here

Enter your aadhar number.

Verify with OTP

Select ” lock biometric access”

And done! You can unlock it again in future.


That all! Thanks your and if you have any queries, feel free to comment down below.
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