Trick to Get free premium subscribtion for life time-Hot star and Netflix

free premium subscribtion of hotstar and netflix .Now Here is Exclusive Trick To get Netflix and hotstar Premium Account for Free.Watch and Stream unlimited Indian and Hollywood movies,TV Shows and live tv and also live sports.

Image result for hotstar free subscription To get Hotstar and Netflix free premium subscription you have to first download an app named KITECASH and create a virtual card.{Verified trick} Well they are many apps to create virtual cards but this is best of them
How to download the kitecash app and generate card:-
1|.Firstly Visit playstore and Download Kite cash App.Click here Ios user –  click here 2|Now Install The App and go For Registration. 3|Enter your mobile number name and other required details. 4|after registration You will see dashboard now Add money by click on “Add Kite cash” 5| Add ₹5 to Your Kite Wallet. (To generate card you have to add money) 6|To generate Kite card Tap on “Use Kite card”. 7| Now Add  ₹5 as the card value 8|Your Card Will be generated and can be used for one time only. (This card will be valid for 24 hours only)
How to Get free subscribtion of Netflix ;-
1|Now visit Netflix from here. ( You can also download the apps of that respective sites.) 2|You will be able to Get free one month one screen click on that. 3|Now choose the plans choose any one of them.Better to choose premium to get maximum benifits. 4|Now on next page create new account enter your mail and a password. ( Their is no need of verify mail id) 5|Now here it will ask to enter the card details.Enter the card details that you Generated in the kite app and proceed. 6| It ask you to enter OTP. (it will not debit any money it just verify’s your card) 7| Done you have Created free subscription for 1 month. For unlimited subscribtion.Every month signup for new account in netflix and Generate a new card in Kite app and follow the above steps.   Also visit here( loot)Free silver upto 25grm by reffering friends Click here  
How to get free premium  subscription of hotstar:-
1| Visit hotstar from here  Click here {Now click on the premium section and open any video} 2| It ask you for subscription Register via entering your mail or from Facebook. 3| Now it show the payment page. 4| Now enter the kite card details here 5| In the choose plan section it should  be selected as 1 month Recurring plan. 6| Click on proceed payment and enter the otp.You will be charged ₹5 (This ₹5  is token charge to verify the card and they will be refunded to the card within 7days) 7| But the kite card will be valid for only 1 day.If you use kite card you will get subscribtion for ₹5. 8| you can also use UDIO,POCKETS cards so that ₹5 will be refunded to your card 9| But you cannot generate udio cards unlimited.So for unlimited life time subscribtion Create new account in hotstar and geneate a new card and follow the above steps every month. ₹5 is the charge to verify the card so its a free subscribtion.]]>

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