Reliance Jio's Jiocoin- Launch Date, ICO Price, How To Buy, Total Supply-Full Details

What About Jiocoin ,Rumor or Real?

Though no official update, The news is very true that Reliance Jio is planning to launch its own crypto coin- Jiocoin. According to sources, Reliance Jio have hired 50 Professionals of average age of 25 to design its own blockchain exchange. The team is leaded by Akash Ambani- Son of Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

Concept Behind Jiocoin-

Whenever we go to other state, we give Roaming charges to our telecom operators, whenever We travel abroad, we pay money in name of International Roaming to Operators. Reliance Jio is working in a way so that they will extinct the Roaming charges in near future, by integrating it with blockchain technology. This is the root concept behind Jiocoin.

Jiocoin Launch Date-

It is very likely that Jiocoin’s ICO (initial coin offering) will be launched on February 15th, 2018. We can then take part on ICO that too at Reliance Jio’s official website. We will update to you when things will exactly ready.

Price of Jiocoin in ICO And Total Supply-

Most probably Price of 1 Jiocoin Token will be $0.5 (Roughly Rs 32). Total supply will be 1 Billion Jiocoins. Out of which, 50 Million Jiocoin tokens will be released in ICO. The ICO will run as follows- For the First 10 Million Jiocoins, Price will be $0.5/Token. Then For the next 10 Million Jiocoins, Price will increased to $1/Token. For the next 10 Million Jiocoins, Price will increased to $2/Token. Means for every next 10 Million coins, price will get doubled! In addition, there will be some investment package slots. First slot will be of $100, second one will be of $500, $1000 and of $5000. Also, there will be a customized package by which you can buy Jiocoin’s quantity of your choice, but Minimum amount to spend will be $100.

From Where We Can Buy Jiocoin?

See, Reliance Jio is designing its own exchange to launch Jiocoin. Also, They will lis it in two biggest Cryptocurrency exchange of the world- Bittrex and Poloniex. Detailed procedure to buy will be shared to you once Jiocoin will be listed in above platforms.

Jiocoin Refer And Earn-

Starting February 1 to 15th, You can tell your friends about Jiocoin. Once they register using your referral link, You will 10 Token Free for each referral! (10*$0.5 = $5/Referrel) After February 15th, Once the coin will be in exchanges, You can still refer and once your referred friend(s) Buys some Jiocoin, You will get Flat 5% Referral commission. Mean if your one friend buys Jiocoin worth Rs 5000, You will get Jiocoins worth Rs 250. Jiocoin ico launch date buy price details

Will Jiocoin Surpass Bitcoin?

Jiocoin will be India’s First Crypto-coin , that too from Reliance Jio so Whole India will support it and will trade on it. Jiocoin’s price will automatically increase as demand will be more and more and supply is limited (1 Billion). After its launch Indians who don’t know A-B-C of this industry will come in. So, a massive support for Jiocoin is expected as Reliance doesn’t need any introduction. Coming to Bitcoin, it is mother of All cryptocurrencies, So it is going nowhere and it will continue its way.

Final Verdict-

Thumb Rule of crypto Business is- “Invest only to that extent what you afford to lose.” As Market is very volatile, no one actually know what is going to happen the very next day. If you wanna have some handsome profit, forget about having lot of money OVERNIGHT. Have a vision of long terms always, and don’t get panic when you see graph is going down of the coin you have bought. It is our assurance that, if your vision is long-term, You will never be in loss.
Warning- We are not Responsible in any way if you meet financial loss in cryptocurrencies. All decisions are of your own and only you and you will be responsible for that. Make your own research thoroughly before jumping into the river blindly. A physical coin has two faces and You have to face ANY one of the two.
That’s All For now, We will update soon when more update will come. If you are new to All these Things, First Have a look at basics of Cryptocurrency here. Also See- 5 Cryptos to Invest in 2018

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