Reliance Jio- Biggest User Database breach (Must Read)

Reliance Jio- Biggest User Database breach. Hey folks, I am again here today and this time I wanna Explaining you how Reliance Jio’s Database of 110 million users leaked in a public domain Sunday’s night. I have Personally followed that news that gone viral last night and found it true. How can a telecom giant like Reliance Jio can compromise its users valuable data that must be proper encrypted and should be stored in secured servers. But this post will show you how Reliance Jio is so careless about our personal data. Such type of news definitely degrades the trust in Digital storage of any citizen’s biometric or non-biometric in web servers.

What had happened exactly??

We came through a news in late evening of Sunday around 6PM that There is a website named  that is displaying Reliance Jio’s any subscriber’s  Data like Owner of the SIM, Date of birth, Email address, Circle (Service area) , Activation date and time (When He/She had bought the SIM) and lastly, Aadhar number in some cases.

The website was looking like-

Reliance Jio- Biggest User Database breach

Dont try now, website has been suspended now and no longer working.

You can see screenshot below How We personally tested on our own  Reliance Jio SIM and got shocked when we could see all above mentioned details very clearly-

In some cases, Aadhar number was not being displayed. (In my case too) But in some cases, users on social media reported it was.

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                Link PAN with aadhar

So, Who was behind this massive Data breach?

Well, There is no or very less information behind this Reliance Jio’s data breach. A website reported about this data breach firstly. All got surprised when they seen about their won document details after that that too publicly. We tracked the domain named (that was responsible for the breach) and found that this website was registered in May 2017 and registrar was GoDaddy. Around 11.30PM , website got suspended. Now you can no longer see any Reliance Jio SIM’s owner detail.

What next now? Are we safe?

Well, that is a million dollar question. Government or any other private agency claims we are, but after going through this post, you may argue them. When Reliance Jio was contacted, they said in a official statement that Their users data is “completely safe and secured”. This was a rumour, which was definitely not. Jio said that they ensures full users privacy and they have never shared or sold anyone’s data to anyone. However, they have shared it to some legal agencies only when asked for. Reliance Jio Furthermore told that they do not believe that their secured data can be leaked in public domain, still they have complained the law enforcement for necessary legal proceedings behind the person who hacked the database of all 110 million Indian users. It cannot be said what would come after it.

Database security is not on our control, what should I do?

Well, all you can do is link your aadhar number to your own mobile number and email so that if you use any of the services that needs Bio-metric (Fingerprint) , you will get alert immediately that your aadhar number has been used for that particular service. How you can , we will post that soon.

Next, you should refrain yourself from entering your mobile numbers at any website and must not share your aadhar number to anyone. You can see that many services now cannot be availed without having a aadhar card. So you should understand how crucial document it is.

So, thats all for now guys, if you have any question or queries regarding this, Just drop a comment and we will be back soon.



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