How To Do PAN Aadhar Link Online ? (3 Methods)

Lean about How to do PAN Aadhar Link Online using 3 Methods (Full Guide). Hey guys, Recently Govt. Of India directed all PAN Card holders to link it with indivisuals aadhar number failing which they will not be able to file income tax return online. The last date to Link PAN Card with Aadhar Online is March 31st, 2019.

Moreover, their PAN number may get hotlisted. How to Link PAN card with Aadhar card Online? What are the requirements? Is there any charges? What is the time taken for PAN Aadhar Link Online ? We will give answers to all of your queries just follow the steps below-

There are three methods by which you can link your PAN with aadhar number,  as explained in the following sections-

PAN Aadhar Link Online Method #1 (Easiest Method)

This is the easiest and simplest procedure to do PAN Aadhar Link Online.  It should take less than a minute to seed. You don’t have to go even a single step outside your home and you all done. All you need is your PAN number ready and Aadhar number  , at the same time.

1. First of all, keep your PAN and Aadhar number handy.

2. Visit this Link of Income Tax Department.

This will open a page in your browser as show below- (Prefer Google Chrome)

PAN Aadhar Link Online

3. In the first Line, do fill your PAN number correctly.

4. In the next line, enter your 12 digit Aadhar number.

5. Now fill your Name as per Aadhar.

6. Check “I have only year in my aadhar card” only if you have just YoB and enter Captcha challenge.

7.Hit “Link Aadhar” and you should have your Aadhar linked with PAN in no time and a successful message will be displayed.

Your Linking of PAN Card with Aadhar Online will fail if your name does not match in the both databases (PAN and aadhar database). In this case, you have to change name in one of them.

Note- if your date of birth and gender matches in both Aadhar and PAN Databases but your name fails to match, you will have to authenticate yourself by OTP on your mobile number Registered with Aadhar.

PAN Aadhar Link Online Method #2 (Recommended to Taxpayers)

Are you a taxpayer? If yes , Then you should end up Link PAN card with aadhar card with this method. It will be hassle free for you. For those who are not taxpayers, they can also do the seeding with this method, though they will find little hassle.

1.Visit Here

2. If you are already registered, Login with your PAN as user ID ,password date of birth. (If you are new there, click on Register Now).

3. Furthermore, After login, Tap under Profile section and Click on “ Link Aadhar” (see  screenshot below)

PAN Aadhar Link Online

4. This will open a window further asking your Aadhar details.  Just fill up the required details and all over!

A Successful message will be displayed saying “Your Aadhar 7401xxxxxxxx3454 is linked with your PAN.”

PAN Aadhar Link Online Method #3  (Offline method)

If you guys find it uncomfortable to Link PAN card with Aadhar card, Income Tax Deptartment has recently provided offline facility too.

1. Download the prescribed Linking form here

2.Print the for and Fill the form correctly such as Name as per PAN and aadhar, PAN and aadhar numbers.

3.Fill date and put your sign/thumb impression at the bottom.

4. Visit your nearest PAN fasciliation centre such as NSDL or UTI with your original documents.

5.Finally Submit the form along with xerox copies of PAN and Aadhar.

6. As a result, Linking will be done in next few days after processing by Income tax department.

Visiting fasciliation centres may incur charges. However, there is no official charges by the government.

Check Pan Aadhar Link Status Online-

You can check Check Pan Aadhar Link Status Online if you have successfully linked you Aadhar Number with PAN number.

1 . Visit Here.

2. Enter PAN Number & Aadhar Number.

3. Click “View Link Aadhar Status“.

4. It will show if your PAN is Linked with Aadhar or not.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding Link PAN Card with Aadhar Online process, please feel free to comment below and we will be there in no time.


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