(Live Again) Ruuh FB – Refer 10 Friends & Get Rs.100 Amazon Voucher

You Have to Just Follow the Below steps and Refer 10 Friends and You will able to get Rs.100 Amazon Gift Card Worth Rs.50. See full details Below.

How to Get Rs.100 Amazon Gift Card from Ruuh Messenger?

1. Click This Link – Click here
Open Above Link This Time In Facebook Messenger Or Facebook 2. Now In FB Messenger Or FB Join Ruuh & Send Him Hi Sms. 3. Now Again Send Her message As ruuhfriends [Send This Sms Till It Gives You Your Referal Link] 4 Now You Will Get Referal Link From Them. 5. Copy Referal Link & Start Sharing With Friends.

How to Redeem The Coupon of Amazon From Ruuh?

1. After Referring 10 Friends Type #ruuhfriends again to Chat Bot. Note – If You Didn’t get Amazon Code wait for 3-4 Hours. 2. They will send Amazon Coupon. 3. Copy Coupon Code. 4. Add this to Your Amazon Voucher Page.


  1. You win Amazon coupons for recommending your friends to chat with Ruuh. For example, if you get 10 people talking to Ruuh, you’ll get Amazon coupons worth ₹100 and if you get 30 people talking to Ruuh, you’ll get coupons worth ₹300 and so on.
  2. The contest is open only from 5:00PM – 9:00PM on 9th January, 2018.
  3. The maximum amount of coupons that can be won by one person is of worth Rs.1000/- Only.
  4. In order for your referral to be valid, the friend you refer must not have chatted with Ruuh previously. It has to be a completely new user.
  5. You can get your coupons by saying #RuuhFriends to Ruuh.
  6. Every coupon has an ID and a code attached to it. It’s displayed as Code/ID.
  7. You can add Amazon coupon to your account here: https://aka.ms/amazoncoupon
  8. You can check your gift card history here: https://aka.ms/giftcardhistory

Proof :-


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