Link Your Aadhar To Mobile Numbers

Link Your Aadhar To Mobile Numbers. Hello friends, I am back again at TrickyNation, this time I will tell you all about linking your existing mobile numbers to your aadhar card. Few weeks ago, honourable supreme court has directed government of India to ensure linkage of all existing mobile numbers with their respective owner’s aadhar data.

So, DoT, the regulatory in india, has issued the relevant notification to all telecom giants to ensure all mobile numbers get linked to aadhar data , latest by Feb 6, 2018. (tentative). Failing which will led to disconnection of services immediately. How to Link aadhar Card To Mobile Numbers? What is the procedure? what is the last date to link? Charges? Clear your all doubts in minutes.

How to Link Aadhar Card To Mobile Numbers?

Requirements for Link Aadhar Card  Mobile Numbers are-

An active mobile number which you wanna link it to aadhar data. Aadhar card.

Procedure-Link Your Aadhar To Mobile Numbers

First of all, visit your relevant operator’s outlet/store in your city or your nearest retailer. You must carry your mobile number in switched on mode you wish to link with and your aadhar number ready (card not necessary, but preferred)

     2. Tell the concerned person that you want to link your mobile number to aadhar card. He will be ready with his    setup and trigger an SMS OTP to your mobile number after asking it.

3. Share the OTP with the retailer and he will now ask your aadhar number. After he enters your aadhar number in his device, you have to authenticate the aadhar number by your fingerprint with UIDAI servers TWICE.

4. Once your fingerprint validated successfully with aadhar servers, your mobile number will get linked with aadhar data within 48 hours (not instantly) . You may or may  not receive the confirmation SMS  from operator’s end regarding this.

Why government took this decision to Link Your Aadhar To Mobile Numbers?

well, you can guess the answer. In recent years, news used to come that people managed to Issue new SIM cards by fake or manipulated ID and address proof. Once they commit any criminal activities, It become very hard to locate them for law enforcement, as the documents that was used to issue that SIM was fake. morever, This will no longer happen as now every new SIM will be issued only after authentication with aadhar data. So, any SIM will no longer be issued in the name of a fake person or person who is no more (earlier it was possible by using Voter ID card).

Other benefit you can say is less-paper work and manpower. Now, you no loner have to submit KYC Xerox copies to telecom as only aadhar number is enough. Morever, earlier SIM’s were used to get activated after 48hours on an average, But now you can enjoy newly issued SIM in just 2 minutes. Thanks to Digital India!

Deadline to Link Link Your Aadhar To Mobile Numbers-

The tentative date to complete this linkage process is latest by 6th February , 2018. Which will definitely be extended, because we live in India and we know how lazy fellow we all are!  But we encourage you to do this process as soon as possible to avoid last minute rush. If you are able to recall long bank queues after demonetisation (or have witnessed it), you will surely rush to your nearest retailer NOW, because same day is about to come.

Charges for Link Aaadhar Card To Mobile Numbers?

As of now, this process is completely free. But but but… may incur charges by retailers. I personally linked my all mobile numbers at telecom’s store and it was free for me.

Important for Reliance Jio subscribers-

Oh men, dont expect an offer anytime I talk about Reliance Jio! i want to tell you that those Jio customers who had issued new SIMs using aadhar-fingerprint eKYC authentication, they have not to do anything. Other users who had used paper KYC documents, have to visit to nearest retailer or Store.

So, that’s all for now,Link Your Aadhar To Mobile Numbers and avoid your mobile number disconnection.

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