Gmail Dot Trick- Use your Single Gmail ID to create Multiple accounts

Gmail Dot Trick- Use your Single Gmail ID to create Multiple accounts. Hello guys I am back with another tricky thing in hand. This time I will tell about Gmail Dot trick how you can use your Single owned Gmail ID multiple times while registering at any website around the web.

gmail dot trick

Why Use Gmail Dot Trick?

Suppose you have to register 5 times in a single website, so all you need is 5 Gmail accounts. You have to register 5 times and that is very time consuming as well as frustrating. To refrain from this, Gmail dot trick may be worth for you. Here, all you need is just a single once created gmail ID and you can use that multiple times. But how? See the steps below-

1. First of all, Create fresh Gmail ID. (I am sure you already have)

2. Suppose your email ID which you have is [email protected] (assume it)

3. Now visit the website where you wish to be registered multiple times.

4.Furthermore, you will be asked your email ID to proceed for successful registration. Since you have already used the primary Gmail ID, you cannot use that (for example, I have already used the email [email protected], so I cannot use it for re-registration as it will throw an error immediately citing (“This email is already registered”)

5.Now this the very crucial step. In the email field, Just enter the primary email, all you have to change is putting a dot (.) In anywhere between first and last alphabet of your user ID side.

suppose my email is [email protected] then my user ID side is trickynation and service provider side is  The “@” is the sign separating both sides. I will put a dot anywhere  in between t and n

For example- These emails will be considered different by the registrar website-

1. [email protected]

2. [email protected]

3 [email protected]

4. [email protected]

5 [email protected]

6 [email protected]

7 [email protected]

8. [email protected]

9. [email protected]

….and so on.

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You may have a question regarding gmail dot trick that if all of the dotted gmail id’s are different and I have not created any dotted gmail account in, how will I be able to check any email that comes to any of these dotted email addresses? We, thats a naturally arising question. The point is that you will receive any email that is received by any of the above dotted emails to your Primary ID only. (That you have created in

All of the dotted emails are virtual email and if any of the email arrives to them, the server does not consider any dot in between the user-ID side and treats it as primary id and forward the same email to primary one, which can be checked easily by you.

This gmail dot trick is being used since many years and Google has not fixed this bug till date.

Remember one thing, gmail dot trick can be used at any website, except Facebook because they detect it very easily. Other sites like amazon, Instagram, paytm, myntra etc (almost all)  can be fooled by gmail dot trick.

Things to consider before creating a Gmail address-

If your gmail ID contains a dot in user ID side, BEWARE!! Google is forwarding your emails to that address’s primary version automatically that may be owned by other person.

One must not chose a user ID that contains a dot. Reason is now clear to you.

So guys hope you will enjoy this gmail dot trick and if you have any questions, query or suggestions, just drop a comment below and we will be there to assist you in no time.

Note- This trick is for Educational purpose only. TrickyNation is not responsible in the event if you misuse it.

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