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fake gps pokemon go, gps spoof, fake gps location, fake gps free. Change Your Android Device GPS Phone location to anywhere. Suppose You have got an offer online from a merchant only to find that the offer is only for selected users who resides in Mumbai OR you want to enjoy Pokemon go but sadly that is not available in India. If you are not from Mumbai, you will not be able to redeem that offer as the merchant will verify your location using GPS. But, if somehow you manage to spoof your own phone’s GPS location and make it fake, then bingo! Today we will show you how you can actually fake your gps location using an android app within 5 minutes.

How To Fake Your GPS Location?

1 . First of all, Download Fake GPS Location Changer app from Here.
2. Install the app on your android device.
3. Now, You have to configure some settings on your device in order to work with that app-
4. Open Settings >> About phone >> Click on Phone’s version name 5-7 times continuously. This will enable developer options on your device, and it will tell you “You are now a Developer”. (No root required).
5. Now that you have developer options enabled on your phone, go back to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Developer options. You will get the following screen-

Above steps are for MIUI  8 Operating system, For Other Phones, Steps may slightly vary.
fake gps pokemon go

6.  Now, Turn USB debugging “ON” and allow it- YES as asked.
7. Click on “Select mock location app” and select  “Fake GPS Location Changer“. Now you are all done with your phone’s configurations.
8. Just open Fake GPS app that you had downloaded in step 1. It will ask for GPS access. allow it.
9.  Select “Fake GPS” Option from Menu. You will have map open inside the app. navigate through your fingers and click on the exact location where you wish your location to be. This will show “Congratulations Your location updated successfully!!!“-
fake gps pokemon go
10. Done! You have successfully spoofed your location to somewhere else. To verify, Simply Visit Here or you can also open Google Maps app-

fake gps pokemon goOur location Changed from India to Germany!!

11. If it is not working for you, probably something went wrong. Retry above steps carefully.
12. Now you can enjoy Pokemon go game as this game is available for selected countries only. Simple change your location to compatible one and then enjoy the game!!
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