(Expired) Facebook Research App- Earn upto $75 Per Month (Fully Explained)

Facebook research app refer and earn by applause. Facebook research app loot. Facebook has recently launched a program – Facebook Research through a mobile application. You can earn upto $75 per month by just installing the app in your smartphone, and referring few of your friends. However, if you fail to refer, still you will be earning few bucks. How? How to Sign up for the programme & start earning? Follow us to know full detail about how you can earn from Facebook Research app refer and earn by applause.

What is Facebook Research App Recently launched?

Facebook research app is a mobile application launched by Facebook inc. few weeks ago. What it does is it studies the user’s behaviour inside his smartphone. These data metrices is sent to Facebook for research purposes only and never disclosed to anyone. You don’t have to use or anything to do inside the application in order to earn from it, just keep the app installed, that’s all what they need.

How To Earn From Facebook Research App?

The Earning plan is simple though. You will get $5 Per month for every month you keep the app installed on your smartphone. Nothing more you have to do. Also, If you refer Your friends to join the Facebook research program, you will get $10/Refer. Also, You will get $4 Per month per friend Extra if the friend you have referred keeps the application in his smartphone. Above Payment scheme is for First 30 Days only after you Join the research program. However, after 30 days, Payment plan will be modified as follows- a. You will still be getting $5/Month for keeping the app installed. No change on that. b. The referral bonus will be reduced to $5/Refer. c. You will get $4/month/friend for each of your friend keep the app installed on his/her smartphone. For this, your friends have to keep the app installed at least for first 25 Days.
Example- Suppose you have joined the program and referred 7 friends. Out of which 2 Friends uninstalled the application. However, Still your 5 friends keep the app in their smartphones. Then you will earn-
a. $5 for your joining bonus for that month. b. 7*$10 = $70 For referring 7 Friends. c. $4*5 = $20 for 5 friends kept the app installed. So, Total earning will be – $5+$70+$20 = $95 for that month only. For the next month , you will be earning as per the active referral friends you have. However, as explained earlier, you will be getting $5/Friend/Month from next month for each referrals, instead $10. If you have any questions regarding payment plan, Feel free to comment below. Otherwise let’s move to the next section on how to actually join Facebook research app refer and earn by applause.

How To Join Facebook Research Program & Earn?

  1. Offer is Expired Now!!.
2. After we get your email, We will send the invitation to you. You will get an e-mail from Facebook within 12 Hours in which there will be a link fill your email ID, and Date of Birth. Just fill the form. The e-mail will look like- Facebook research app refer and earn by applause 3. Now you will get another e-mail as shown below. It will contain a link to download the application, and an special Invite code. Just open the link from smartphone only. Download Facebook Research App the .apk file (5MB) and install the application- Facebook research app refer and earn by applause If have trouble while installing the application, enable “unknown sources” from Settings->More->Security >> Device administration->Check “Unknown Sources”. 4. Open the app. You have to enter  a special invite code sent to you.  You can get the invite code from step 3 above from your e-mail received. 5. Enter the invite code and at last, turn the background process of the application “ON”.
Special Instructions for Xiaomi Users- -> Turn ON autostart for the app. Go to setting -> Permissions -> Autostart -> turn on AutoStart for Facebook research. ->Keep checking daily app is showing a notification and active.
6. That’s all!! You have your job done! Now wait for about 48 Hours and you will get another e-mail confirming the installation as follows- Facebook research app refer and earn by applause 7. Now after this email, you will get another e-mail within 24 Hours asking you to update the payment details. Since they send payments to Paypal, you have to open the link “update Payment details” and give your Paypal linked E-mail ID only- Facebook research app refer and earn by applause 8. Now just wait for 15th of next month then you will be get your first payment from Facebook , directly into your paypal account. If you don’t have paypal account, Sign up For one Here. If you don’t know what Paypal is, Follow up as we have covered about Paypal at the end of the post.

How To  Avail Facebook Research App Refer And Earn By Applause?

1. Click Here to refer your friends and ask them to join Applause Facebook research Programme.
Update- Kindly tell your friends to choose D.O.B in between 1900-1983 as Age between 18-35 is NOT allowed now From 15th August 2018. (This Rule is For For India Only).
2. Accept the TnC & go to next. 3. Provide your email address and your friend’s email address, Name etc. 4. Click Submit. Your friend will now get an invitation email Instantly with installation instructions. Guide him thoroughly. 5. Refer more friends to earn big from Facebook research app refer and earn by applause.

Frequently Asked Questions For Facebook Research Program-

Is The Facebook research app refer and earn by applause program genuine? Yes, as initially explained, this is genuine. You can see Payment Proof Below. How Will My Data Being Sent to Facebook Will Be Used by Them? Your data is completely safe with them. They will use it only for research purposes and will be kept strictly confidential. So, no need to worry at all.
However, if you are concerned about your privacy, you can chose not to join the Facebook research Program.
When I will get my Payments? You will get payment every Month’s 15th. How I will get my payment from Facebook research app refer and earn by applause? You will get paid through Paypal only. So, Only use Paypal-Linked E-mail ID to sign up. If I uninstall the app, will I get any payment? Absolutely NO! Is Facebook research app refer and earn by applause is genuine? Yes! parent company behind this is Facebook inc. So, no way to be doubtful regarding this.

What is Paypal & How To Sign up For Paypal?

Paypal is an internationally operated financial institution, which helps people get payments from foreign currency (like- Dollars, Pound, Euro) into their home currency (Indian Rupee, INR). Since Facebook will send the payment in USD, it is only possible to get it through paypal. Paypal will convert it to INR and then it will get transferred to your local Bank account. Paypal will be used to receive earnings From Facebook research app refer and earn by applause. So, it is must to have a paypal accoount. Follow these simple steps to get a paypal account-
2. Select “For Shoppers” and “Next”.
3. Select Country “India”, Enter email address (Must be same as what you have signed up with Facebook Research) and chose a password.
4. On the next page, fill all details and verify your mobile number.
5. Then check you email and verify your email address.
7. Visit This Link to Link Your Bank account with Paypal.
8. Click on “Link Bank account” and give your Bank account number & IFSC Code.
9. Now Click on “Confirm is Next 4-6 days”.
10. Now, Paypal will send you two times money of amount anything between Rs 1.00 & Rs 1.50 in next 4-6 Days. Suppose they have sent Rs 1.44 & rs 1.37. Then Visit Here and click on Your bank account showing as “Confirmation Pending”.
11. Enter two small amounts you received in two boxes and click “Confirm”.
12. Done! You have successfully linked your bank account with paypal.
Now, It is mandatory to Link Your PAN Card number in order to get Facebook payments.
2. Enter your 10 Digit PAN number and click “Submit”.
3. Done.
If you don’t have a PAN card, you will get the payment into your paypal wallet. In order to withdraw this money to your bank account, You have to provide PAN number. You can apply for PAN Card Online from here and you will get it within 15 Days.
Note- If you have accidentally registered For facebook research app using email address other than that of your already registered paypal account, then Just Visit This Link  & Login to your main Paypal account->Scroll down and Click on (+) in Email addresses section -> Now Put your Unregistered email and verify it. That’s it Now You can Receive Payment on Both Email address and will be credited to your linked Paypal account.

Proof of Facebook Research App Payment-

We got $150 on August 15th, 2018 in our Paypal Account.
facebook research app payment proof
If you have any query about Facebook Research App, Feel free to ask in the comment section below OR Connect us via WhatsApp.Hope you will enjoy Facebook research app refer and earn by applause. [eafl id="2298" name="" text="See More Cashback Offers Here"]

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  1. Facebook research program :- Earn Rs 330 per month for just installing an app and Rs 5000 for referring only 5 friends. Invite only. fill this form to get an invite

    1. Hi Samar, I think You should get the payment because I can see you are an active user. If not, Make sure-
      1. Your paypal E-mail ID is verified. (Login From Mobile/PC to Paypal & verify E-mail if not).
      2. You should have given PAN number. (If not, Kindly read full post in detail).
      If Payment status at utest is showing as “Failed”, The kindly do step 1 & 2 I said & then mail them at [email protected] saying to resent the payment. They will resend the payment in August 30.

  2. Hi bro if we give age as less and give our own PayPal id will there be no issue while payment ha bro, because if we give age in between 13 – 17 it’s asking for parents PayPal email I’d so need a clarification regarding this bro , thanks in advance.

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