Create a self-Destructing Message (Full Guide)

Create a self-Destructing Message. Very Good evening friends , and I am again here with another interesting trick. I am very sure you will like it and will use it. Today , as promised I will tell you how to create a “Self-Destructive” message online. What? Dont know what a self-destrictive message is?

If no, I am here and I will explain you what is a self-destructive message is. Also, I will tell you how you can create it by yourself furthur, How it gets auto-destroyed in just next few seconds or minutes after the receipient see it. So, here we go….

1. What the heck is “self-destructive message” ?

See,  when you send any message or email via social networks via Facebook, Instagram, Or instant messaging channels like-WhatsApp or Hike, it goes to your target contact as well as it gets stored in respective service providers databases. And also, your receipient also store this mesaage for any duration of time he desires. But suppose you wish if he or she cannot store your messages after seen. In that case you cannot send him or her Any message via above mentioned media like-Facebook, WhatsApp or hike. Here comes the concept of “self-destructing” message that gets auto deleted after a fixed span of time you decide at the time of creation.

2. How to create a self-destructing message and send it to anyone?

There are dozens of websites available on the web who offers you this service, that too for free. You just have to visit anyone of them and create one and set the timer of self-destruction. We have found two very popular websites who offers creation of such messages for free –



Also see- Jio Data Breach

                 Gmail Dot Trick

We will be using first option for illustration. However, same process applies for second one.

Creation of self-destructing message-

a. Visit Here

b. You will see a window opens in front of you as shown below-

Create a self-Destructing Message

c. In the message field, type the message you want to send.

d. In the field  “Time-until self destruct”, select any time from the drop down list upto 5 minutes.

e. Hit  “Create message” and you should see a link that is just generated as shown below. Just share this link to your receipient.

Create a self-Destructing Message

as soon as your friend clicks the link , he would see the message you have typed and that message will get auto-deleted after that defined time-period. After that , your friend will no longer be able to see it.

Similar concept applies for

Tip- You can use this self-destructing messaging service for sharing informations that changes time to time, and you want to share any information that is related to that particular time.

 Note-This post is for educational purpose only. TrickyNation is not liable for any mis-use.

So guys hope you like this trick. If you have any questions or queries, comment box in below is waiting for you.



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