Biggest Myths We Follow :- Know The 8 Biggest Myths We Follow Day To Day, Top Popular Myths

8 Biggest Myths, Top Popular Myths We Follow

In the world of day-to-day changing technology, We come across a lot of things. Some of them are facts, But sometimes, we believe on things that has no connection with the reality and those are mere myths. We keep on following those pseudo-facts. The 8 biggest myths are here : more is always better, incognito mode is safe, cell phone causes cancer, magnetic field corrupt data, fastest internet use by NASA, F5 really refreshes your computer, safely remove external devices, oppo or vivo camera must for better selfie. What are these biggest myths and false things around us related to day-to-day technology?  What are the things on which we and you follows blindly , ignoring the real story behind the scene? This post is dedicated to such biggest myths of all the time around us. Keep going on….

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biggest myths

Myth 1 : incognito Mode is safe

Myth that is ranked one in this list is Safety about incognito mode browsing. We want to tell you that Incognito mode browsing is not that safe you assumes. Shocked? But this is the reality. See , What incognito mode does is , It just prevent your web browser (like-Chrome) to store your browser history. Secondly, it also forces your web browser not to import any bookmarks. These are the only two tasks incognito mode do. Rest all others things works the way it would in a normal tab or in non-Incognito mode. The websites you are visiting keeps on tracking you the way as earlier. They can still know what pages you are browsing on their website. The most important thing is- Opening an incognito tab does NOT CHANGE your IP address at all. You can use web-proxy or VPN servers if you wanna change your IP. Just google them, and you should end up finding a dozen of free web proxy or VPN servers.

Myth 2 : More is always better?

We go to a mobile shop or an eCommerce, look for a mobile. We compares two phones on basis of their processors, RAM, cores etc. We always assume that a phone with 2Ghz  octa core processor is always far better than that of 1.4Ghz quad core processor. Not always! You cannot judge quality and performance on just looking at frequency and number of cores. Other things like- hardware design and tuning also matter a lot. In fact, Apple’s A8 processor seems more best than 1.8Ghz octa core processor! So, stop looking only on cores and processor frequency.

Myth 3 : Cell phone causes cancer-

This is one of the more talked one, and it is not true. In one line, No any research has been succeeded to prove that usage of a mobile phone causes cancer till date. By passing years, Mobile users has been increased drastically, but cancer patients not that way. So, keep using phones, no cancer is going to happen.

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Myth 4 : Magnetic fields corrupt data?

We always refrain yourself from keeping any storage devices in contact with  magnets, as we think it will corrupt the data stored in it. NO!

See, in case of storage devices like-Pendrives and memory cards, data is not stored magnetically. So , any magnetic field cannot delete the data stored in it. No fear at all.

As far as We talk about hard disk, Yes, we store data in it magnetically. But, In case of simple permanent magnets like one from speaker, there is no issue at all. However, If there is MRI or high strength magnetic field, it may destroy your data. Morever, no hard-disk making company issues warning telling us not to store it in magnetic fields.

Myth 5 : Fastest internet used by NASA?

Haha.. I was also used to believe it. Actually, we tend to believe everything that trends on social media and we goes through it repeatedly. Its a myth that NASA uses 91GBps internet speed, fastest around the globe. The real story is, in End of 2013, A researcher at NASA transferred data between two points at a speed of 91GBps.That was not internet at all. That was a local connection, which connects various branches of NASA and its employees. No relation to internet. In the past, several men got a speed of even 1 or 2TBps speed while transferring data. That does not mean they achieved that internet speed.

Myth 6 : F5 really refreshes your computer?

We starts our laptop/desktop and keep refreshing it , pressing F5 button dozen of times. We all think that it will boost our system speed, but thats another myth. What F5 button does is, it only recheck the desktop screen if any icons or files are created there or have been deleted. Nothing more. Any window you open, F5 button function is limited upto their only. So, keep pressing F5 , nothing more good is going to be happen.

Myth 7 : Safely remove External devices

Not always true. Your pendrive or other external device is safe , if it is not being used by any program in the system. So, you can eject it without any problem.

Myth 8 : Oppo or Vivo camera must for better selfie?

Time for some humour. Simply No! I owns a Redmi Note 3 and It gives me better selfie than Oppo or vivo. You need not to go selfistaan in order to get a decent selfie.

So guys, I hope you like this post. If you have any questions, ask in comment section below and we will be here in no time.

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