BHIM App- Get Rs 51 Cashback on 1st Txn +Rs 25 For Each Receive Money Txn

How To Get BHIM app UPI Offer & Get Rs 51 Cashback?

1 . First of all , Download BHIM UPI app From Here. 2. Install and open the app. 3. Sign up on the BHIM app & select your bank, set a UPI  ID. 4. Now, Send Re 1 or more to your friend. (If You have no friend, you can send us Re 1 to [email protected] ) 5. You will get Rs 51 Cashback directly into your bank account within months. 6. Now Receive Minimum Rs 100 from Different-different UPI/Account number/mobile number and Earn Rs 25 for Each Receive money transaction upto a maximum of Rs 500.

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BHIM App Merchant Offer-

Receive Money and Earn 10% of transaction. You can earn upto Rs 1000 from this offer.

Terms & Conditions-

Rs 51 cashback on successfully completing 1st financial transaction (Send money) for BHIM app user. Download the BHIM App from your registered mobile number. Link your bank account & do the first financial transaction successfully. Valid only for the BHIM app.

Send  =   1 and earn cashback of  51 on the first successful financial transaction.

More Cashback for More Transactions. Receive Rs 25 Cashback for every unique transaction (VPA/UPI ID, Account Number, Mobile Number) with a minimum transaction value of  100 (Maximum cashback Rs 500 per month.)

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For a minimum transaction value of  10 and above, cashback can be earned as given below :

Number of transactions per month Incentive to the BHIM user
 = 25 but less than  50  100
 = 50 but less than 100  200
 = 100  250


Upto Rs 1000 Cashback every month

Bhim app UPI Rs 51 New user offer
BHIM user who has declared himself/herself as “I Am A Merchant” and is receiving payments via BHIM/BHIM UPI app will be eligible for the Cashback of 10% of the transaction value with an upper cap of Rs 50 per transaction.

Minimum credit transactions  = 10 and minimum transaction value to be  =   25

Any other BHIM UPI App user. Any bank merchant receiving payment through the BHIM/BHIM UPI app will receive cashback of 10% of transaction value with an upper cap of   50 Also See- [eafl id="2298" name="" text="See More Cashback Offers Here"] Freecharge Rs 10 cashback on Rs 10 Tapzo Amazon Offer FreeCharge UPI 100% Cashback

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