Airtel Offering iPhone 7 At 7777- Trap for Indian Users, Know The Conspiracy behind

How Airtel Offering iPhone 7 at Rs 7777 Only? What Are Those Hidden Conditions?

Airtel will give ypu that handsome Apple Iphone 7 in your warm hands as soon as you pay just Rs 7777/- only to them. But, its airtel’s old habit to impose if’s and but’s to every plan for its users. So, in this, you have to pay Rs 7777 (one time) + You have to subscribe to their monthly Postpaid plan that will cost you Rs 2499 Only! , that too for 24 Months. shocked? Not so early, Let’s on the calculator now- At Amazon India, Current Price of Apple iPhone 7, is INR 43,999. You can grab that phone from there for a one time payment of Rs 43,999. What airtel is charging you is Postpaid plan of Rs 2499/Month for 24 Months. Means, Total charge borne by you is – 2499*24=59,976 + 7777 (one time) = Rs 67,753! Net difference is- 67,753-43,999= Rs 23,754. Means, why we should pay Rs 23,754 extra to airtel? “Loot macha rakhi hai inhone!” What airtel thinks is that, Indian users are so fool that they will run behind Iphone 7 when they come to know airtel is offering this Just as low as Rs 7777. So, they have made a masterplan to loot Indians. airtel iphone 7 at 7777

Final verdict-

If you really intend to buy Apple iPhone 7, then just buy from Amazon India or flipkart at one time payment only. Don’t force yourself to pay per month for postpaid plans. If you are not financially strong to pay such large amount on one-go, Look for Credit cards from various banks. they will offer cheap EMI rates for you and will be much reliable. Think twice before you fall in such trap by Airtel!
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