5 High-Class Cryptocurrencies in 2018 That Will Result into Huge Profits

Top Cryptocurrencies To Invest in 2018-

No doubt, 2017 will be remembered as Year of Mother Currency- Bitcoin as it surged from $1000 at the very first day of 2017 to $19,500 in Mid- December 2017, beyond analyst’s expectations. Now its time to move on and look for another coins which will flood our Bank-accounts. Today, We will discuss 5 Such High-Promising Coins and their Price by end of 2018. Also we will tell you how you can buy them. So, here we go…..

#5 Dash (DASH)-

DigitalCash, Also known as Dash, is the 5th coin that we recommend you to invest in. Don’t underestimate that we have given it Rank 5th- It is chosen among 1400 Other Crypto-coins available! Here is an small synopsis about DASH- Founded– January 2014. Price on January 1, 2017–  $11.45 Price Today, Dec 28, 2017– $1070.66 Expected Price by End of 2018– $1700- $2000 So, You can Expect 2x From Dash by end of 2018- Minimum we are telling you! Let’s move on to the next coin-

#4 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)-

Bitcoin Cash, is a derivative of Mother currency-Bitcoin born in August this year. It is the largest supported coin that resulted from occasionally happening forks in BTC. Let’s have a brief about this- Founded- August 2017 Price on August 1, 2017–  $291 Price Today, Dec 28, 2017– $2531.11 Expected Price by End of 2018- $11000- $14000 So, If BCH Results in about 3x- 5x Profit by next year, This should not surprise you!

#3 Ripple (XRP)-

Our Next Coin in the list is Ripple. This coin is Favourite for critics as they blame it for its behaviour. Ripple has responded to its own criticism by making it iteslf 5x within last 4 weeks! It fluctuates a lot, but future seems very bright as if any cryptocurrency doesn’t know what a fluctuation is, then you should check twice if that is actually a crypto or not! Founded- February 2013 Price on January 1, 2017–  $0.06572 Price Today, Dec 28, 2017– $1.33 Expected Price by End of 2018– $3- $5 Compute the profit you will be making by Ripple yourself this time!

#2 Litecoin (LTC)-

Mmm.. Our Favourite Altcoin (Anything that is not Bitcoin is known as Altcoin). Litecoin is in its own swag from last a month as it has surpassed $350-mark in style, though then it crashed a little. We can say it deserves 2nd Most position to be observed in 2018. You guys should not think twice to jump into it. Let’s look into its Profile so far- Founded- October 2011. Price on January 1, 2017–  $4.30 Price Today, Dec 28, 2017– $246.91 Expected Price by End of 2018– $1000-$1200 So, a 3x Profit is not a big deal if you deal with Litecoin. Now its time to reveal the name who tops the list-

#1 Ethereum (ETH)-

Yes! Ethereum! You can make make it big by buying Ethereum before 2017 ends.ETH is the second-most alternative of BTC because of its low Blockchain fees. It is recommended by dozen of experts as it has already been surged by more than 90x in 2017!! It is highly likely that it will continue to surprise us the same way it has done so far. Before you jump to have some Ethereum into your Digital wallet, let’s have a look- Founded– July 2015. Price on January 1, 2017–  $8.16 Price Today, Dec 28, 2017– $708.14 Expected Price by End of 2018– $2200-$2600 Ethereum has witnessed Its all time high- $832 earlier this Month. It will always be a wise decision to pick this coin.

What About Bitcoin??

Good Question! See, BTC is mother currency of all time its going nowhere as of now. Bitcoin has started the year 2017 under $1000 and now its somewhere around $20,000. You should not surprise much if BTC hit INR 25 Lacs before we wish you “Happy New Year, 2019”! Beside This, You may be interested in these coins for long term vision- Digibyte(DGB) ,Verge (XVG), Iota(IOT) , DogeCoin (DOGE). Research on them thoroughly before you make any decision.

How To Buy All Of These Coins?

For Bitcoins, Zebpay is Best. However, to Buy Above-mentioned 5 Altcoins, You can refer to- 1. Koinex (Recommended) 2. Buyucoin To Know more about how you can trade on them and Detailed number of exchanges, have a look at Clouclip’s Post Here.

Final Verdict-

Thumb Rule of crypto Business is- “Invest only to that extent what you afford to lose.” As Market is very volatile, no one actually know what is going to happen the very next day. If you wanna have some handsome profit, forget about having lot of money OVERNIGHT. Have a vision of long terms always, and don’t get panic when you see graph is going down of the coin you have bought. It is our assurance that, if your vision is long-term, You will never be in loss. top 5 best cryptocurrency to buy in 2018 talking about our 5-Recommended coins, You will be definitely in profit if you can hold those coins for 1 Year and not intend to sell out. However, if you see you have already made 30-40% profit in Mid of 2018, You can surely have a safe-exit. But Please, Don’t throw your daily-use money into these things. Remember thumb rule mentioned earlier in this para.
Warning- We are not Responsible in any way if you meet financial loss in cryptocurrencies. All decisions are of your own and only you and you will be responsible for that. Make your own research thoroughly before jumping into the river blindly. A physical coin has two faces and You have to face ANY one of the two.
If you are new to All these Things, First Have a look at basics of Cryptocurrency here. Hope you make most out of this post.. Have a Decent 2018! Happy Trading! tags- top 5 best cryptocurrency to buy in 2018.      ]]>

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